When I was contemplating the title of this blog site, I had to consider why I wanted to create it.  There wasn’t one specific thing I wanted to share, but a mix of things. I thought of naming the blog “simply complex,” because that’s what my brain is like.  At times, I am thinking simply and at times (mostly) I am thinking deeply.  I suppose the two names I was choosing from drive that point home.  I chose the more simple name, in the hope that every time I log on, I will find an outlet from our complex world; or at least a place to leave my thoughts and empty my brain for the moment.

I have conflicting feelings about whether or not to share. I have always been an open book who tends to share TMI,  but lately, I find myself wanting to be more private. Perhaps this is a result of the decreasing privacy in this world.  Perhaps it just comes with age.  I think mostly,  it is not safe to share anymore. Strangers think they have the right to call you names because your opinion or belief is different from theirs. And yet, here I am…blogging. In the end, I am who I am.

That being said, read away if you wish.  I hope I can provide you with some food for thought or at the very least, a source of entertainment. However, if you feel the need to comment on the blog post or on someone else’s comment,  please pause a moment.  Ask yourself: Did I read the whole thing? Did I take one moment to consider the other person’s viewpoint? Do others have the right to have a different opinion? Am I staying true to my values as a kind human being with what I am about to write?

After you consider those questions, comment at will.  I will read the whole thing. I will take a moment to consider your viewpoint because I believe you are entitled to have a different opinion. I will stay true to my values as a kind human being and be respectful and kind to you. If you are nasty, I will not be nasty back to you. I will simply ignore it by removing the nastiness. I do not wish to give internet wings to unkindness.